Monday, February 25, 2013

Life Beyond Homeschooling

No, I am not retiring from our homeschooling lifestyle as of yet.  We will continue this homeschooling journey until I know in my heart that we need to seek a new direction.  Reagan is in a prime learning period.  She is picking much up at a rapid pace so we will continue on learning together.

I am encouraged (but not surprised) by studies that show that cognitive skills continue to develop with increasing age in individuals with Down syndrome and, in fact, they may be more developmentally ready to learn when they reach young adulthood.  (Down Syndrome Across the Lifespan, Chapter 7)

So, for right now, we will continue on this path.

Sometimes, my mind travels beyond homeschooling.  I have so loved this period in my life.  What will I do when I do retire?

What will I do with that big hole in my heart left by the passion of living and learning with my girls?

I must admit to some trepidation when my thoughts move to the future.  But not to fear. 

New, strange, exciting things are coming into my life.  For most of my life, I did not believe I had an artsy bone in my body. 

Now, I am driven to write.  In the past, I have written many informational kind of pieces.  I have written much about my passion for homeschooling children with down syndrome.  My free e-book Homeschooling Children with Down Syndrome has been read by over 16,000 people in the various places it is available.

So very grateful for the journey!

I have written many pieces for our regional homeschooling association creating awareness for those of us homeschooling children with special needs.  It has worked.  For the first time in a long time, we will have workshops at our local convention targeting those of us homeschooling children with significant special needs.

Now, I am driven to write stuff that is kind of off the wall for me - creative writing and something akin to poetry.

Now, I am obsessed with my camera and photos - some of which I share here.

All I know is I must create.

I know my work isn't all that good but a new phase has begun and a new path is forming!

Seeking beauty and spreading hope have become my passion.   Perhaps it always has been but now I am driven in a different way.

I want people to know that hope and healing are inevitable.  No matter what the crisis you face - God waits for you to bring Him your heart and soul, your tears and your pain - to give it all to Him.  He will create something new and beautiful of all that we endure here on earth.

I know God is at work in me.  As I transition into a walk on a different path, I find I am not lost but only finding a new direction.

And I find that exciting!


Barbara Frank said...

Lovely post :) Although I'm no longer formally homeschooling Josh, he continues to learn and we facilitate that whenever we can. As for the post-homeschooling life, isn't it interesting to see the new directions God leads us in? I agree, it's exciting, too!


Amy said...

I could have never guessed it would be this exciting! To God be the glory!